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If you like to receive news, articles and announcements from GWCCN by Email, please email us.

We are currently building up our first "GWCCN WebNet" (Email Network). Through WebNet, we will be able to broadcast you about the newest message and also keep you informed about the latest news in our Chinese Christian communities around the world.

We are much appreciated if you can send us your groups' emails from your churches, your fellowships or your organizations, so we can connect more people together and form a "WebNet" where we can share our common believes with each other and with the rest of the world.

  • If you like to add your church, student fellowship or evangilical organization to our home page, please Email us.
  • If you need a Chinese sofware, please check here.
For more information, please send email to us at
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*** NOTE: This is a mirror copy of an old GWCCN site - for archival use.